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POCs & More

Proof of Concepts generated for internal and external stakeholders.


Oct. 2019 - Present

My role

Visual Designer

Company research, brand alignment, UI


Built responsive websites from design specs, websites, and design requirements on tight time constraints.



As a volunteer web designer, I've collaborated with the founder of American Trans Resouce Hub (ATRH) to do a website rebrand and redesign. Used Wix for building out the website, Figma for editing digital assets, Canva to create branded imagery, and Asana for project management.

Completed in 2 days

Coordinated with internal AE to develop a POC given desired copy and images. The customer wanted branded content to be displayed in a bold and playful manner. I followed typography and color guidelines based on the customer's website. Used Brandcast for website build-out, and also used Figma, Photoshop, and Adobe to edit digital assets.

Completed in 2 months

Brandcast Newsletters  

I served as the monthly newsletter coordinator. Collected featured content from internal and external sources. Worked with the creative director to maintain branding. Collaborated with marketing to finalize copy. Created multiple iterations based on feedback from my team. Tailored Pardot emails and in-app Intercom communications with my CSM and Product Manager. 

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Completed in 2 days

The rugby team I coached for several years did not have a website. I built a simple one-page website as a one-stop shop for potential players and their parents.
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