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Note Life mobile app

Using current events to stay up-to-date on new lingo in the real world.


Oct. 2018 - Nov. 2018

My role

UX/UI Designer

Competitive analysis, user research, sketching, prototyping, UI


Iterative design process for final UX bootcamp project.  

Built with Figma, Invision,, Prott, Optimal Workshop, and all the sticky notes.

smartmockups_jz8qs1qk 2.png

Competitive analysis included Flashcards+, Quizlet, and Flash Card GO.

In some of the applications, the onboarding was hidden, felt pressured to upgrade, ads in free versions were distracting, and the UI was plain.

Based on user testing, Quinn, the proto-persona was created. Quinn drove the build out of the user flow.

Users mentioned wanting to have context for new terms they learned.

Two primary user tasks:

1. Review historical/current events to gain a contextual understanding of vocabulary words

2. Create a new vocabulary card

User testing showed 3 key issues in the mid-fidelity prototype.

Jakob Nielsen Error Severity Scale applied to user testing

Points of Friction

1. Hard time navigating without back button.

​2. Community cards automatically included the cards a user created - aka their personal cards.

​3. The phrase "contextual events" was confusing to users.

Ways to improve

1. Add a back button.

2. Provide the user with the option to share their cards with the Note Life community.

3. Replace the phrase "contextual events" with "current events."

note-life-high-fidelity 2.png
High-fidelity wireframes incorporated a back button and "contextual" changed to "current" events. Future iterations would include permission for card sharing and onboarding.

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